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Blood Group Typing BLOOD TESTS

Over 75 antibody blood tests available

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Blood Group Typing

Blood Group Typing BLOOD TESTS

" All Blood Tests are inclusive of a Private GP referral, phlebotomy fees, all Testing Laboratory fees and GP comments. This excellent Private Blood Testing Service is conducted at a Private Hospital with test results sent direct to you, and is NOT a "Do it yourself" kit."

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Private Blood Type Testing

There are 33 ways to categorise blood but the 2 most important classifications are the ABO blood group system (which will classify the type A, B or O) and the Rhesus Factor which will class the blood as either negative or positive.

There are many reasons for finding out your blood type the most common reasons are giving blood, requirement before a major surgery, biometric passport requirement, planning to travel, and Rh-negative maternal compatibility with a Rh-positive baby.


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