COVID-19 Coronavirus Tests

Covid-19 Testing through our other services at Blue Horizon Medicals

Private COVID-19 RT-PCR Swab tests are now available across the UK from Blue Horizon using an express courier postal service. With accurate and reliable results in as little as 24 hours from laboratory receipt we think that this is the fastest service of its type in the UK at the moment. Learn more about Blue Horizon Private Covid Tests

Why our COVID-19 Postal Test Kits are analysed at a laboratory.

At Blue Horizon, we are offering COVID-19 RT-PCR Swab Coronavirus tests (detection of active infection via nasal swab or confirmation of past infection through detecting antibodies in blood) for private sale to UK residents. All tests are undertaken in a laboratory, and specifically for the antibody test we have deliberately avoided the more controversial near patient or ‘home test kits’, which to date have proved less reliable, and which so far the UK government is unwilling to employ for mass screening purposes. Therefore, our tests will involve taking a sample at home and sending it back to our laboratories, where the sample will be tested under laboratory conditions by biomedical scientists.

Trusted Laboratories.

Our test runs are on a very small scale compared to the UK government’s ambitious plans for mass detection and screening.

Private testing is run independently from the government, and the sale of these tests does not limit capacity for NHS access to these tests.
Both the Coronavirus PCR swab test and the IgG COVID-19 Antibody test are carried out by our regular trusted private laboratories that are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Learn more about Blue Horizon Private Covid Tests

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    When you order through Blue Horizon Medicals we provide the Doctor’s referral free of charge, all Phlebotomy Fees and Laboratory Fees.

    If you like being treated as a private patient then using this service provided in partnership with Spire Healthcare is recommended. Once you have ordered your blood tests securely online, we organise referral paperwork to take with you to your nearest Spire Hospital. Once results are ready, we'll email them through to you, with our Private Doctor's comments if you need them.