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Private Blood Test Fertility Status Profile

Fertility Status Profile

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  • Private Blood Test Fertility Status Profile Private Blood Test Fertility Status Profile

Fertility Status Profile

Quick Overview

This confidential urine assay for Fertility Status Profile Blood Test Bundle is offered at all of the thirty two Spire locations that we refer our patients to across England, Scotland and Wales. Wales
Encompassed Included in every single order for Fertility Status Profile Profile Blood Test Bundle
Anti Mullerian Hormone & Female Hormone Profile

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Regular Price: £268.50

Special Price £199.25

Additional Information

Lab Code AMH-FIP
Test Information Fertility Status Profile
Test Inclusions Anti Mullerian Hormone & Female Hormone Profile
Target Turn Around Time in working days 7
Laboratory Units No
Laboratory Code No
Pathology Sample Blood
Reference Range No
Sample Requirement 2 x Gold
Frozen sample requirement Yes
Fasting Requirement No
Special Instructions Ideally Day 3 of your cycle. Please note if you attend on a different day of your cycle please inform us.
GP Referral Yes Included
Service Inclusions
  • A G.P. referral for a urine test from our Doctor. This Blue Horizon Medicals Pathology Passport will guarantee you a phlebotomy appointment at all thirty Spire clinics across the UK
  • Test results will be sent to you securely as a PDF document and will include regular reference ranges.
  • This confidential urine investigation is suitable for the Express Results Service which means that we can forward them minus GP comments so long as you have engaged a Doctor who is willing to medically interpret results.
  • General medical comment is inclusive in the Adrenal Stress Blood Test Bundle if you cannot take advantage of the express results service. Our Doctors will provide commentary on the laboratory tests at a non-specialist level and will provide apt advice pertinent to the results. We usually propose that tests are also forwarded to your own Doctor once you have taken electronic delivery of them so that they may be duly referenced as an element in your unique medical history.
Patient Information Updated Manufacturer's Assay Information - Samples should be not taken from patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses (i.e. >5 mg/day) until at least 8 hours following the last biotin administration. Erroneous test results may be obtained from samples taken from patients who have been exposed to vaccines containing rabbit serum or when keeping rabbits as pet animals. Due to the risk of cross reactivity, this assay should not be used when monitoring Oestradiol levels in patients being treated with Fulvestrant. Steroid drugs may interfere. In rare cases, interference due to extremely high titre of Abs to analyte-specific Abs, streptavidin or ruthenium can occur. The release of prolactin is promoted physiologically by suckling and stress. Elevated serum prolactin concentrations are caused by number of pharmaceuticals (e.g. dibenzodiazepines, phenothiazine), TRH and oestrogen.
Other notes No

Comprehensive Plus V with HbA1c
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If you are serious about your health, or if you are just looking for maximum value, our Comperhensive Plus V has got you covered!
The PLUS V is our best value Comprehensive Private Blood Test and is accessible at over thirty one private hospitals around the UK. In a nutshell, it is an extremely well priced set of blood tests that we are able to offer to our patients at an excellent price because of the volume of blood test referrals that we send. 

Best Advanced Blood Test of 2016 - Highly Recommended by our Doctors.

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