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Terms & Conditions

At Blue Horizon Medicals we strive to deliver a top class service 100% of the time. In order to facilitate this we work very hard, with you and your results our top priority. However, it is neccesary to state our terms and conditions relating to the service that we provide to avoid any misunderstanding.


100% Money Back Guarantee.


We pledge that you are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind about getting your laboratory tests at any point before getting your blood taken by one of the Spire locations**. Refunds will be actioned within 48 working hours of your request to the card that you used for payment. We do not charge an administration fee for this as there is very little administration time involved. Once you have had your sample taken you will no longer be entitled to a refund of charges unless your sample is lost, improperly stored or incorrectly taken by Spire pathology, resulting in a non or invalid result. In that event you will have a choice of either a refund of the tests involved, or a chance to attend again for another sample to be taken. As the pathology service is itself provided by Spire Pathology Services and not ourselves, you agree when you order a test not to hold us liable for any delays or other costs which is beyond our direct control. On occasion, certain analytes can haemolyse. This could be the case for many reasons, and as we ourselves do not carry out the pathology (as explained above) we can not comment on the potential causes. If this is the case, you will be offered a re-attendance to the hospital of your choice, within the network of Spire Hospitals, that we, Blue Horizon Medicals, work with, completely free of charge. Unfortunately in this occasional event, we can not offer any sort of refund, as we will be charged by the laboratory for the test or test bundle you have ordered and attended for. We do not like delays or errors at all and always work our hardest to get you your results completed and on time.
** Monetary Refunds are available for one month past order, from that date we refund the cost of the test/s in Pathology Points. You may use these against further tests or gift them to family members or friends


Turnaround Times (TATs)



The turnaround times are stated clearly for each test and are to be used as a guide only. The results are usually only released once all tests become available. The turnaround times, as a guide refer to the number of working days (not weekends and bank holidays) that it takes between your blood being received by the processing Laboratory and the results being emailed to yourself. Please understand that as these turnaround times are a guide results may well fall inside the times stated. However, sometimes results will take longer than the stated times due to circumstances beyond our control such as mechanical breakdown of equipment, human error or transportation issues affecting courier routes, as not all tests will be analysed by the location that you have your blood taken at. If your results are overdue we consult the Laboratory browser four to five times a day to specifically look for your result as well as ask the laboratory managers to chase the results on your behalf. We understand that waiting for overdue reasults is frustrating, we will be frustrated too!




Once the results are ready from Spire Pathology they will be securely emailed to us by encrypted email. If they fall within normal range they will be sent straight through to you by email, and if  any are outside parameters one of our medical panel will provide comment free of charge, which could take up to another working day. You can opt out of our GP comments process if you wish to save time or if you already have a doctor or consultant appointment lined up to discuss them. Sometimes you may have to reattend a Spire Pathology location to have your sample retaken due to transport or storage problems with your inital sample.


Our Medical Comments.



Our panel of Doctors are all practicing GP’s and if any of your results are outside established parameters and you have opted for reported results, we provide a free of charge medical comment based upon your blood results alone. Choosing express results means you will not receive an interpretation. As it may be difficult to make a full assessment on laboratory results alone you may be informed that a follow up consultation may be needed with your own GP or specialist. Additionally, where your results require specialist interpretation you will be informed of this. Both private and public Doctors are required by the General Medical Council to operate within the bounds of their knowledge for your safety.





Once the results are ready from Spire Pathology they will be securely emailed to us by encrypted email. If they fall within normal range or you have opted for the express results service, they will be sent straight through to you by email. If you have opted for reported results and interpretation is needed, one of our medical panel will provide comment free of charge, which can take a further 24-48 hours to be processed. Sometimes you may have to re-attend a Spire Pathology location to have your sample re-taken due to transport or storage problems with your initial sample.


Children and Minors.


We are not always able to provide this service for children and minors (under the age of 18). Please email or phone us to check availability of service in the area.


Special Handling Requirements.


Some samples have special handling requirements such as freezing or centrifuging and not all Spire Hospital locations will have a Laboratory and therefore the correct facilities to take the blood and prepare it in the correct manner for a dry ice courier (frozen samples sometimes have to be stored at -30c). Where we are informed by Spire Hospitals that your chosen location is not suitable for some of these specialist tests we will endeavor to give you other options so that we can process your pathology request.


PLUS V and PLUS X Membership terms and conditions.


If you have opted to take advantage of the PLUS V or PLUS X VIP Memberships it is a requirement that you pay 12 direct debits to qualify for the reduced price PLUS V or PLUS X screens, saving you a substantial amount of money. By becoming a member you agree to this. In the event that a membership direct debit is stopped or unsuccesful before the 12 month's payments are over we will consult with you to ascertain your requirements. If you no longer wish to continue you will be invoiced and charged for the full cost of the tests you have ordered with discounts minus the amount you have already paid (by card for your initial payments and any direct debits taken), plus an administration fee of £40. After 12 months you are under no obligation to continue, and the agreement period starts again, with the same terms and conditions. You are able to cancel without the administration fee by giving us advance notice before the end of each 12 month agreement, or up to 7 days after your 12th payment has been taken by direct debit. Please call us if you wish to clarify these terms and conditions.


IVS terms and conditions.


ID verification is sometimes possible but you do have to contact us before you place your order so we can explain to you the necessary procedures that you need to follow in order for this to be a possibility. IVS can also take longer than the stated TAT's mentioned on the individual products within our website, due to the steps that are taken by the internal processes regarding IVS that Spire Pathology Services adhere to. By agreeing to these terms we can not be held responsible for any delays that may happen when ID verification is requested. Any questions please call us.