Pregnancy Blood Test – Beta hCG

Please allow a minimum of 12 days after possible conception before testing.

Pregnancy Blood Test – Beta hCG

This private blood analysis for Beta hCG is accessible at all thirty one Spire clinics around the UK
Included in each test for Beta hCG are a Doctors Referral, all Phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at a Private Hospital), all laboratory fees and includes our GP comments.

Unsure which pregnancy testing is more accurate?

The Beta hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) Blood Test.
Understanding the BHCG Test– hCG has a role that involves preparing the body for Pregnancy, this hormone stops periods.
If you become Pregnant this hormone releases and becomes detectable in both your Blood Stream and Your Urine.
There are two types of Pregnancy Tests- All home tests are Urine while most professionals will use the Blood Pregnancy Test.
The difference between the two types of testing is that the home urine tests are most effective one week after stopping your period – this may be different for some people but research shows that the concentration of the hCG is more accurate the longer you leave it.
Whereas the Blood Pregnancy Test  can detect results much earlier- Our BhCG test is a quantitative test which detects the number/levels of hCG in the Blood and consequently tells you how far along in your pregnancy you are. Blood Pregnancy Tests also give an accurate result one week after ovulation – the bhCG test is performed the same way as a normal blood test.
Overall the Beta hCG Blood Test is more effective and shows more accurate information within your results and can also detect results earlier than home testing. We also send your results by email in a PDF format so they are visible for you to see.
This test is also available in Central London.

Pregnancy Blood Test Explained

This test will give a quantitative reading for Beta HCG in Blood and give a positive or negative pregnancy result.

A Quantitative Beta hCG pregnancy test not only shows if BhCG is present in the blood, but also how much. The results can be detected by a pregnancy blood test from 11-12 days after conception. As a rule of thumb the BhCG levels will double every 48 hours initially and then every 72 hours.

BhCG levels will peak after about 2-3 months of pregnancy and will then start to decline and stabilise for the rest of the pregnancy. Pregnancy blood test results show beta hcg levels and estimations of weeks pregnant.

As the level increases every 2-3 days many ladies prefer to order two tests to make sure that the level is continuing to rise and that therefore a viable pregnancy is more likely. To order a second test you need to place a separate order.

Your Results are emailed to you in PDF format, or if you prefer, you can receive them by post. In the event that we are unable to send a PDF you will receive the result by email.

This test includes Doctor’s Referal, phlebotomy fees, lab fees, results by pdf email attachment and comment by GP if required.

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