Male Hormone Panel - Advanced

Clinical History, any medication information & the reasons for the test must be provided.

VIP blood tests - not DIY blood tests
12 Working Days Turnaround Time
Attend Private Hospital
Accredited Laboratories
GP Referral Included
Doctors Interpretation of your Results
Results sent via Email

This comprehensive Male Hormone Blood Test Profile is an excellent insight into the male hormones that regulate fertility and wellbeing.

Is this blood test for you?

Do you have symptoms like low energy, libido and mood? Do you find that the gym makes little progress? Are you currently taking testosterone and want to check your hormone levels?

If you're looking for a Male Hormone Blood Test Profile then this is the test for you! This private blood analysis for Male Hormone Panel is accessible at all thirty one private clinics around the UK. Included in each test for Male Hormone Panel are a Doctors Referral, all Phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at a Private Hospital), all laboratory fees and includes our GP comments.

Testing your Testosterone levels

Testing your Testosterone levels

If you’re male and have been experiencing symptoms such as low energy, poor libido, or fertility issues, it could be worth exploring whether low testosterone could be the cause.

While there could, of course, be other reasons behind those problems, ruling out any issues with your testosterone levels may be a good place to start  

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in humans, as well as in other animals. For men, testosterone is produced primarily in the testicles. Women also produce testosterone, in the ovaries, but in much smaller quantities.