Private Blood Tests in the UK

Providing you the patient with professional pathology results. With access to over 30 UK Private Spire hospitals and GP referral included within the price.

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Blue Horizon Medicals

Our pricing policy is simple for all our private blood profiles.

We offer private blood tests at affordable prices across the UK. You can also take advantage of our great monthly coupon codes. Pay no more unnecessary fees – phlebotomy and our Doctor’s comments are included.
Blue Horizon Medicals are an efficient private medical group dedicated to providing YOU the patient with professional pathology results when you request private blood tests in the UK.
We take pride in being able to help you, and being identifiable as individuals, not as nameless faceless call centre staff.

How to get a Private Blood Test in the UK

Firstly, you will need to place an order online, choosing any one of 32 Spire Private Hospitals to have your blood taken at in the UK. This enables correct clinical decisions to be made more readily which may reduce the risk or the onset of complication of serious illness.

Our website enables you to select specialty tests that are carried out through Spire Pathology Services as well as some of the tests on their standard test menu. You do NOT need your own GP’s referral, as this is provided by our own Doctor.

We are a Doctor led Medical Group committed to providing YOU the patient with timely private pathology results.