Fatigue Tests

If you are feeling exhausted, do you know the cause? Our range of in-depth tests will help with your investigations.

Fatigue can be a normal response to physical and mental activity and in most cases can be elevated by rest and the reduction inactivity.

Unexplained and enduring fatigue can have a disruptive effect on a persons life. There are many biological and psychological causes for such fatigue, ranging from depression to an undiagnosed virus. This list of tests can look for some of the physical causes of fatigue and can help you to overcome it.

All Blood Tests are inclusive of a Private GP referral, phlebotomy fees, all Testing Laboratory fees and GP comments. This excellent Private Blood Testing Service is conducted at a Private Hospital with test results sent directly to you, and is NOT a "Do it yourself" kit.

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When you order through Blue Horizon Medicals we provide the Doctor’s referral free of charge, all Phlebotomy Fees and Laboratory Fees.

If you like being treated as a private patient then using this service provided in partnership with Spire Healthcare is recommended. Once you have ordered your blood tests securely online, we organise referral paperwork to take with you to your nearest Spire Hospital. Once results are ready, we'll email them through to you, with our Private Doctor's comments if you need them.