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Blue Horizon Medicals offer the widest range of private blood testing options in the UK and are considered the most attentive health screening provider in the UK. We use a plain language policy which means that the medical reports produced are both well received by clients and well respected for their relevant content within the medical community.

Order online, and results are sent via email, or by post if you prefer.

COVID-19 Swab and Blood TESTS
Swab Tests are now available through our postal website at: https://bluehorizonbloodtests.co.uk/collections/covid-19-coronavirus-tests
Antibody Blood Tests available shortly.


Your options explained...

At Blue Horizon medicals we only associate with fully accredited laboratories.

To separate the test menus of the different laboratories we have created different websites - please call us at any time if you have any questions.

Postal Kits sent nationwide

- Test your blood or take swab samples from the safety of your own home.
- We offer a range of finger prick blood tests including Thyroid, Health Screening, Sexual Health, Immunity and much more.

Visit -  https://bluehorizonbloodtests.co.uk/

Pregnancy Tests in London

- At Pregnancy Tests London, you simply order your blood test online or over the phone and attend immediately.
- This service offers Pregnancy Beta HcG Blood Testing and Progesterone.

Visit -  https://pregnancytestlondon.co.uk/

Blood Tests in London

- At Blood Tests London, you simply order your blood tests online or over the phone and attend immediately.

Visit -  https://bloodtestslondon.com