Thyroid blood tests

Blue Horizon Medicals offer a wide range of Thyroid Blood Tests through Spire Hospitals - we are proud to donate charitable donations to the Thyroid UK Charity and the Thyroid Patient Advocacy service, which are both fantastic resources for those that are interested in their thyroid function.

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With access to around 30 of Spire Healthcare’s Hospital around the UK Spire claim that there is a 90% chance, you live within an hour’s drive. You can be assured of a professional, well-trained phlebotomist, who will fill the vacutainers necessary for your chosen tests.

Request your thyroid tests from Blue Horizon Medicals, the household name for thyroid testing.

Recommended THYROID Blood Test Profiles

These Thyroid blood test profiles have been created to provide value for money.

Thyroid Check Advanced + RT3

Thyroid Check Advanced

Thyroid Check Intermediate

Thyroid Check Basic

Other THYROID Blood Tests


Although the profiles above will cover 90% of all requested thyroid testing, at times extra tests are required by NHS trusts based upon factors such as other clinical situations.

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Everything including Doctor’s Referral included.

When you order through Blue Horizon Medicals we provide the Doctor’s referral free of charge, all Phlebotomy Fees and Laboratory Fees.

If you like being treated as a private patient then using this service provided in partnership with Spire Healthcare is recommended. Once you have ordered your blood tests securely online, we organise referral paperwork to take with you to your nearest Spire Hospital. Once results are ready, we'll email them through to you, with our Private Doctor's comments if you need them.