Pathology Points

With every test that you order online, you accumulate the equivalent of 10% cashback in Pathology Points that you can then convert to a coupon code for money off follow up or future testing.

Collect Pathology Points

* Spend £100, get 1000 points

Save Pathology Points

Save them up until you need them.

Spend Pathology Points

*Every 1000 points accumulated gives you £10 off future test requests.

How works

Choose from over 450 Tests

Pay by Card, Paypal, Apple or Google Pay

No Extra Referral Fees to Pay

Receive Referral Paperwork within 3 Minutes

Make an Appointment Using Number Provided

No Phlebotomy Fees to Pay

Spire Pathology is an Accredited Laboratory

Turnaround Time is a Guide in Working Days

No Fees if Doctor's Comments Required