Private Referrals to Spire Healthcare Hospitals

A good range of blood testing profiles are available at Spire Healthcare Hospitals through

With over 500 blood test profiles and over 30 Professional blood testing locations, this Pathology access service by Blue Horizon Medicals seems to be getting increasingly popular with UK residents and visitors.

Key Features.

  • Not a postal kit service.
  • Everything including Doctor’s Referral Included.
  • You attend a Private Spire Healthcare Hospital.
  • Over 500 individual tests – can be expensive.
  • Some well priced profiles – best value.

Of all of the features that this particular Private Blood Test service offers the key feature is that it doesn’t involve having to rely on the Royal Mail. This is because the Spire Hospitals involved actually have the kits in stock, and the tests are conducted within the Private Hospital Group’s own Laboratory system. This means that you could potentially order, make an appointment and attend on the same day – all you have to wait for then is the turnaround time of the test and the medical comment. Postal kits, on the other hand, could take 1-3 days to arrive, with the return postage taking another 1-3 days, all with the added increase of your blood haemolysing in the post.

Everything including Doctor’s Referral included.

When you order through the website Blue Horizon Medicals provide the Doctor’s referral free of charge. If their Doctor feels that the test is not right for you when your clinical reason is given you would be offered a full refund, or another, more suitable test.

You attend a Spire Healthcare Hospital

With access to around 30 of Spire Healthcare’s Hospital around the UK Spire claim that there is a 90% chance, you live within an hour’s drive. You can be assured of a professional, well-trained phlebotomist, who will fill the vacutainers necessary for your chosen tests. I’ve been to Spire Bristol twice for my annual blood tests – both times have passed without a hitch but I still hate needles!

Over 500 tests – can be expensive.

There are over 500 blood tests available through this service – some of them are quite expensive but it is important to remember that this is a premium all-inclusive service and not a cheap do it yourself kit. You can browse by category with a menu at the top of the website or alternatively use the search bar. If you can’t find what you are looking for it may be on the site under a different name so do phone or email them to check.

We Compare Private Blood Tests

Some well-priced profiles.

It’s obvious fairly early on that Blue Horizon is guiding you towards a few key test profiles. The best of this cost-wise is the Comprehensive PLUS V and the Comprehensive PLUS X. These are essentially large biochemistry and haematology profiles but look for a lot more than an average essential blood test.

Comprehensive PLUS V – A full blood count, Electrolytes, Kidney Health Information, Liver function testing, Calcium, Uric acid, HbA1C, Full lipid panel, iron status panel, basic thyroid panel, Ferritin, Folate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folate (B9)

Comprehensive PLUS X – Everything in the PLUS V but with extra cardiac health markers Apolipoprotein A1, Apolipoprotein B, Lipoprotein a and High Sensitivity C.R.P.

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