Heavy Metal Analysis

By choosing a private blood test for heavy metal analysis you can test for blood or urine levels of individual or grouped heavy metals in your system that you may have been exposed to through work or other environmental factors.

Tests include Zincan essential component in cellular processes such as DNA replication + transcription. Zinc is also a co-factor from over 300 enzymes. Other tests include Lead (Blood) (Pb), Iron and TIBC - a test that measures the serum iron level of the circulating iron in the blood. It tells us (along with TIBC/UIBC, transferrin and ferritin) the state of the body's iron reserves.

All Blood Tests are inclusive of a Private GP referral, phlebotomy fees, all Testing Laboratory fees and GP comments. This excellent Private Blood Testing Service is conducted at a Private Hospital with test results sent directly to you, and is NOT a "Do it yourself" kit.