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When you order through Blue Horizon Medicals we provide the Doctor’s referral free of charge, all Phlebotomy Fees and Laboratory Fees.Advanced Thyroid Testing through the THYROID CHECK 6, this excellent thyroid testing profile aims to get to the bottom of any thyroid investigation in days rather than months due to the number of blood tests conducted on the one Intermediate Testing through the THYROID CHECK 4 AND 5, both look at thyroid antibodies, which may be present before the standard parameters start going out of range. Patients with raised thyroid antibodies will often have symptoms of thyroid disease.

Basic Testing through the THYROID CHECK 3 are usually available for free on the NHS - although NHS thyroid tests are usually limited to definitely TSH, usually FT4, and rarely FT3. Test frequency may also be restricted. If you are already on thyroid medication it may be useful to know your FT3 levels to monitor dosing.Because Cortisol decreases TSH it thereby decreases thyroid hormone production, as well as inhibiting T4 to T3 conversion. For this reason measuring Cortisol is important and is now included in all Blue Horizon postal Thyroid Profiles.

If you like being treated as a private patient then using this service provided in partnership with Spire Healthcare is recommended. Once you have ordered your blood tests securely online, we organise referral paperwork to take with you to your nearest Spire Hospital. Once results are ready, we'll email them through to you, with our Private Doctor's comments if you need them.

Verified Patient Reviews

Deborah B. from Bath
1 month ago
Fast delivery, appointment time for test at BMI hospital within 48 hours, results within 48 hours. Tip top.

Charlotte H. from New Milton
3 months ago
I have Hashimoto's and routinely check my thyroid status with the finger-prick kit. The NHS doesn't offer appropriate testing once you are on thyroid replacement. Fortunately my GP accepts my private results. The "Thyroid Check Plus Eleven" is perfect and will also tell me my Vit D (25-OH).
Postage is quick and turnaround. Very helpful customer service. I miss the chocolate coin token though

Zelda R. from Dalgety Bay
4 months ago
Providing a convenient, easy option for laboratory tests, with impressively prompt service

Patricia W. from Liverpool
6 months ago
Cannot fault this company for the speed by which they dispatched the kit and amazing speed of results the day after I posted the blood. Would definitely recommend them.

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