Private blood testing at Spire Wrexham

Private Blood Tests are available in Wrexham through Blue Horizon Medicals at the Wrexham Spire Hospital. Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham, Clywd. LL13 7YP. This private and professional clinic blood test location can test patients of ages 18+ but does not have freezing facilities. As phlebotomy is included and the entire process is managed by professionals, this is a VIP blood test, not a DIY blood test.

Not sure what is available? The clinic in Wrexham offers a good range of blood tests - choose one of the popular tests below, use the search bar, or explore the categories.

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The most popular blood test in Watford, the PLUS VIP tests full blood count, biochemistry, thyroid check and much more!

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Including everything in the PLUS VIP, the plus X also includes an excellent expansive cardiac risk factor lipoprotein analysis.

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A detailed look at your thyroid function, and relevant vitamins and elements for an in depth analysis of overall thyroid health.

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Based upon the PLUS VIP, this profile also includes many fatigue related tests that get missed for years during standard testing.

Wrexham Spire Hospital. Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham, Clywd. LL13 7YP.

If this location is a little too far from you then you can either choose an alternative Spire clinic from our list here OR take a look at the other blood test services that Blue Horizon can offer here.

Popular Blood Test Categories

Health Screening

Most of our patients choose to have one of our advanced health screens carried out for an initial assessment of their well-being.

Thyroid blood tests

Thyroid disease can affect your weight, energy levels and skin - consider our VIP comprehensive thyroid checks today.

Fatigue Tests

If you are feeling exhausted, do you know the cause? Our range of in depth tests will help with your investigations

Hormone Testing

Our hormones are small but mighty, affecting everything. View tests for men and women at different stages of life.

Sports Testing

Beginner or Olympian, understanding what is happening in your body will enable you to make improvements in your performance.

Female Health

Our VIP Female health screening blood tests cover fertility, pregnancy, menopause and female health screenings.

Our patient care team is on-hand to help you find the right test.

Our team is available on chat or via email from 9 am to 5 pm weekdays and 9 am to 12 pm Saturdays.