COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Coronavirus Home Test Kit by Dual RT-PCR

Please click heree to learn more about Blue Horizon Private Covid Tests available currently in the UK. It consists of a single swab that will be used to easily collect a sample from the throat and a nostril.

This is not tested through Spire Pathology, it is tested at London Medical Laboratory.
It is tested at a London Medical Laboratory and in no way affects PHE's ability to test NHS or other front line staff.

  • Test when you think you may have COVID-19 Symptoms.
  • This is a swab test, not a blood test.
  • It tests for RNA of the virus, not antibodies.
  • A positive will show that you have coronavirus in your nose or throat at the time of testing.
  • A negative will confirm that there was no COVID-19 on the swab. This means it is possible you will have swabbed yourself at a time when no viruses were present, or you did not swab the areas effectively enough.
  • Kits currently in stock.

Blue Horizon Private Covid Tests