Autoimmune  Antibody Screen

Autoimmune Antibody Screen

Patient info: No fasting. Lab code: AAS. Sample requirement: 2x Gold.
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This private blood analysis for Autoimmune Antibody Screen is accessible at all thirty one Spire hospitals around the UK
Included in each order for Autoimmune Antibody Screen are a Doctors Referral, all Phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at a Private Hospital), all laboratory fees and includes our GP comments.

Lab Code: AAS

Test Name: Autoimmune Antibody Screen

Profile or Test?

Pathology Sample: blood

Target Turn Around Time: 7

Test Information: analysis for mitochondrial abs, smooth muscle abs, gastric parietal abs, liver kidney microsomal abs and ribosomal abs.

GP Referral: GP Referral is included

Special Instructions:

Laboratory Notes: Positive/Negative If Positive for smooth muscle or mitochondrial antibodies - reflex test. These reflex tests are reported as a titre.

Fasting Required: Fasting not indicated

Sample Required: 1 x Gold

Attendance Restriction: