Coagulation Screen (PT/APTT)
Coagulation Screen (PT/APTT)

Coagulation Screen (PT/APTT)


Estimated Turnaround Time: 3 Working days.
Sample Type: Blood
Fasting: Fasting not indicated
Profile Inclusions: PT and APTT
Regular price£143.15
Phlebotomy included
Collect 1431 Pathology Points worth £14.32 to put towards future testing.

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Order Securely Online.

Order your Coagulation Screen (PT/APTT) Blood test safely and Securely Online, you'll be emailed a Pathology Passport.

Attend your Chosen Hospital.

Make an appointment at your chosen Hospital, bring your Pathology Passport. You pay no extra for phlebotomy.

Results in 3 Working Days.

The target turnaround time for Coagulation Screen (PT/APTT) is 3 working days - these will be sent to you by email.

This confidential blood examination for Coagulation Screen PT/APTT is accessible at all of the thirty one private hospital locations around the UK
Included in every single request for Coagulation Screen PT/APTT are a Doctors Referral, all Phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at a Private Hospital), all laboratory fees and includes our GP comments.

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Inclusions: PT and APTT
Special Instructions: Send to the laboratory immediately. Sample should be separated and frozen within 2 hours of being taken. If a delay is expected with transportation to the laboratory, samples must be transported frozen. If collecting using a butterfly system please discard initial blue vacutainer. If possible it is preferable to collect the sample WITHOUT using a tourniquet. Citrate (light blue vacutainers) MUST always be taken before other coloured bottles and filled to the line.
Attendance Restrictions: A morning Monday - Thursday appointment is required. Please DO NOT bleed the patient outside of this timeframe.
Laboratory Notes: See Report
Sample Container: 1 x Blue
Fasting: If fasting is required, it will be explained on your Pathology Passport. 8 hours fasting is sufficient when it is required.
Freezing Requirements
  • This Test Carries a Frozen Sample Requirement. This means that it is available in only 16 of the 30+ Spire Locations that we work with. To explore which locations are able to accept tests that carry frozen sample requirements, please use the Hospital Finder or view the individual Location Page.

Over a million pathology tests conducted - order your Coagulation Screen (PT/APTT) Test with confidence.


Fantastic. I've suggested your service to a few people. And I'll definitely be using again.

Kathryn Reeves

From the moment I ordered online everything went swimmingly and I received my results on time. Doctrors Comments were very useful.

Libbie Sanders

Thank you for all your help and support. I have been using your services for the last three years and I have been super happy with that.


Thank you, excellent service!


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