Drugs of Abuse Screen (Occupational Health only)

Drugs of Abuse Screen (Occupational Health only)

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This confidential urine check for Drugs of Abuse Screen is available at more than thirty Spire hospitals across the UK
Included in each pathology request for Drugs of Abuse Screen in urine are a Doctors Referal, all Phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at a Private Hospital), all laboratory fees and includes our GP comments.

Lab Code: DAU

Test Name: Drugs of Abuse Screen (Occupational Health only)

Profile or Test?

Pathology Sample: urine

Target Turn Around Time: 15+ days - Please be aware results can be longer if a positive result needs validation.

Test Information: Urine Cocaine, Urine Amphetamines, Urine Methamphetamine, Urine Marijuana, Urine Methadone, Urine Ecstasy, Opiate Screen, Urine Bendodiazepines

GP Referral: GP Referral is included

Special Instructions: State prescribed/unprescribed drugs for investigation

Laboratory Notes: Negative/Present

Fasting Required: Fasting not required

Sample Required: First catch urine - 30 mls sterile white top universal container

Attendance Restriction: