Ova, cysts and parasites (Faeces)

Ova, cysts and parasites (Faeces)

Patient information: No fasting required. Clinical history, medication information & travel history MUST be given. Lab code: FOCP. Sample requirement: Stool.
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This private stool assessment for Ova, cysts and parasites is offered at over thirty two Spire hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales.

Lab Code: FOCP

Test Name: Ova, cysts and parasites (Faeces)

Profile or Test?

Pathology Sample: stool

Target Turn Around Time: 4

Test Information: analysis for this analyte only.

GP Referral: GP Referral is included

Special Instructions:

Laboratory Notes: See Report

Fasting Required: Fasting not indicated

Sample Required: Stool

Attendance Restriction: