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This private blood assessment for Progesterone is offered at all thirty two private clinics across England, Scotland and Wales Encompassed in this test for Progesterone in blood
  • A Doctor's referral for one blood test from a Doctor. This Blue Horizon Pathology Passport will enable you to have a phlebotomy appointment at more than thirty private hospital locations across the UK
  • Test results will be sent to you as a PDF file and will include the reference ranges from the laboratory.
  • This private blood investigation can be used with our Express Results Service which involves our staff being able to pass them to you without our GPs' comments as long as you have engaged a Doctor that is prepared to pass medical comment on your laboratory results.
  • GP comment is inclusive in your Progesterone test if you do not take advantage of the express results service. Our GPs will remark on your test results at a non-specialist level suggesting a course of action pertinent to the situation. Our recommendation is that the pathology testing sheet is also given to your usual Doctor once they are made available to you so that they retain full relevance as an element in your own record health records.

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