Uric Acid (Serum Urate)(SUA)

VIP blood tests - not DIY blood tests
This VIP Private Blood Test for Uric Acid (Serum Urate)(SUA) includes:

  • Phlebotomy Fees
  • Laboratory Fees
  • Doctor's Referral
  • GP Comments
This private blood test for Uric Acid is available at all thirty private hospital locations across the UK

Included in each test for Uric Acid are a Doctors Referral, all Phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at a Private Hospital), all laboratory fees and includes our GP comments.

Uric acid is a normal waste product of protein breakdown in the body. Low levels within a health screening are generally of no concern, but high levels can lead to gout - an acutely painful inflammation of the joints. High uric acid can also be associated with some medication (especially diuretics), diet or possibly be of genetic origin.